The GIMP Basics series is the first of several free GIMP training products has developed. I’ve built the course to take you through all the basic tools that you need to know in order to use GIMP at a proficient level in a business or personal environment. Although lessons will be added as new tools are added to or updated in GIMP, below are the core videos that make up the course.

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GIMP basics course

GIMP Basics: Select, Fill, and Move Tools

Video #1 is a tutorial on some of the most simple, but most powerful, tools in GIMP. Here’s how to use the selection, fill, and move tools.

GIMP Basics: The Text Tool

How to use the text tool and not be extremely confused.

GIMP Basics: The Color Tools

How to use the color tools to manage and select colors.

GIMP Basics: The Brush Tool

How to use the brush tool, along with some quick tips on making a fancy award effect and a photo effect.

GIMP Basics: Installing Custom Brushes

How to find, install, and manage custom brushes. Several of the brushes in this video are featured in resource posts on this site.

GIMP Basics: The Transform Tools

How to manipulate objects and images using the transform tools. This is one of the more advanced, but most important videos on this list.

GIMP Basics Bonus: The Ultimate Guide to the Path Tool

The last video in the series focuses on GIMP’s powerful path tool. An earlier tutorial extends this to include how to remove backgrounds from photographs, which you can find here: The Best Way To Remove a Background